The Superbold Leadership Keynote

If you want your company to become the dominant brand in your category, it starts with a Superbold team.

Superbold team members are more confident, more outgoing at key events, and have advanced social skills that allow them to connect with your customer base in ways that develop strong, long-lasting relationships. Fred’s Superbold keynote will begin that transformation.

There is no doubt that teaching your team members to be Superbold can have a profound impact on your bottom line and overall sales. Fred takes his experiences having run 1-800-DENTIST®, which, over thirty years, generated over a billion dollars in revenue, and combines it with the principles he’s created in Superbold.

Fred has been a public speaker for 20 years, and is known for his high-energy, entertaining, insightful events and transformational messages. As a CEO, Fred created a powerful, enduring culture. His company grew people by pushing them out of their comfort zone. 

If you want to energize your team, motivate them, and permanently take them to a higher level of confidence and capability, bring Fred in for a keynote, seminar, or an all-day workshop. 

For more information, schedule an appointment with Fred to discuss what your specific needs are to tailor an event that would have the most impact.


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Bill Barrett, CEO of Mandelbaum Barrett

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Bernie Stoltz, CEO of Fortune Management

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Dean Gialamas, LA County Sheriff's Department Director