“I invited Fred to meet with our 22 dental centers management and clinical staff early last year. He has the unique ability to drill into the relevant processes to effectively manage and grow your dental center business while keeping the meeting alive and engaging.

His focus is always on quality of care and treating the patients and staff remarkably! We have adapted his philosophy in our centers and results are improving.

The feedback from all attendee’s was outstanding and we are better aligned today clinically and operationally than ever before. In fact, we asked Fred to present to our additional 43 centers outside of California and he delivered again. We will always be a friend and supporter of Fred.”

–George Neal, CEO at Access Dental Services


“I wanted to thank you for your generous presentation about the Neuroscience of Customer Service. Your willingness to take time out of your busy schedule to provide this excellent training to my staff was very appreciated.  Based on the surveys, it was a hit, and you knocked it out of the park!!  Thank you!”

–Dean Gialamas, Technology Director for a major Southern California Law Enforcement Agency


“Fred Joyal has come to speak with the Doctors and Leadership team in my dental services organization several times about creating a remarkable experience for our patients and staff. Every time we announce Fred’s arrival, people are so excited to finally meet him! He leaves a long lasting impression of how to care for patients and does a great job at tailoring his message to clinical and operations professionals. Fred is genuine, intelligent, and someone all Doctors should meet! Thank you Fred for your continued time with our company. I look forward to the next event!”

–Dolores Garcia, TAS, HCS  Director of Talent Acquisition, Management and Training