Take your practice and your life to the next level

It’s time for your dental practice to be giving you economic freedom, daily fulfillment and the lifestyle you always dreamed of. The Beyond Dentistry Mastermind is an exclusive group of high-end, like-minded dentists collaborating with Fred Joyal to transform their dental practice and their lives to create a remarkably satisfying future.

This is a unique opportunity to tap into Fred’s 35 years of business experience and expertise. Mastermind members can expect to:

  • Produce a 10x return on their investment in terms of greater profitability
  • Grow a powerful office culture and grow as a leader, and CEO of their business
  • Come away with actionable strategies and deeper insights about their lives

There is an application process, a fee to participate, and a one-year commitment.

The group starts in February 2021 and will be limited to a maximum of 20 members, and to practices in Southern California, as we will be meeting live when the pandemic ends.

1 One-Hour Private Executive Coaching Every Other Month
Monthly Meeting with 19 Other Top Practitioners
Special Guest Speaker Every Quarter
Commitment Required
Members Maximum

Acceptance Criteria

$1.5 million

in annual practice production and your practice must be in Southern California

You are not currently a Fortune Management client and have not been one for the past 18 months. The reason for this is it would conflict with my current working relationship with Fortune.

What You Will Get

These sessions are about becoming a more effective leader and businessperson, as well as addressing private, personal issues or unique challenges.


They will be completely confidential and not brought into the group discussions without your permission.


Each call will end with an action plan.

Each quarter there will be a special guest speaker brought into the group meeting, someone notable, either from inside dentistry or outside in a relevant industry.

  • The first quarter group sessions will be focused on your digital marketing footprint, how to refine it, improve and expand it.
  • The second quarter will be team refinement. How to hire better, fire bravely and wisely, and build loyalty and dedication in your team.
  • The third quarter will be practice expansion, including technology, mergers and acquisitions, and maintaining culture and core values.
  • The fourth quarter will be leadership growth, both for you and your team members.

As always, my marketing expertise will be infused into each discussion, as well as my business expertise.

Fred will begin each session with 30 minutes of insights and strategy relative to the specific topic, and the next hour will be an open forum.


The fee to participate is $1,500 per month, with a one-year commitment. If you want to write off the entire amount in 2020, you can pay $16,000 for the year in advance.

If you believe that Fred could add tremendous value to your life and your business, as he has done with many other individuals, then fill out the application. If you have further questions, email Fred at fredjoyal@gmail.com.

Your practice must be based in Southern California.

Also, if you are a Fortune Management client, you cannot participate at this time, as it will conflict with my current relationship with Fortune. This applies if you have been a Fortune client in the past 18 months.