These books will transform your practice!

Both my books are based on my 30+ years of experience marketing dentistry to consumers and interacting with the most successful dental practices in the country.  They are practical, readable, but also strive to convey a mindset that will get the whole team on the same page, working toward growth and a remarkable patient experience.


EIM book cover 5th large


Everything is Marketing gives you all the basics, starting with the ideal mindset, then discussing all aspects of practice marketing, and finally how to maximize advertising in the practice.

It’s in it’s fifth edition, revised in particular for social media (and some of that stuff is still a little out of date!)



Becoming Remarkable cover largeBecoming Remarkable takes the idea of practice marketing to a whole different level.  It’s based on the modern reality that our reputation exists online whether we like it or not, and it’s likable, searchable, sharable and undetectable! 

This means we have to focus on creating an experience that patients can’t resist talking about in a positive way, and offering them the opportunities and tools to share how they feel about being a patient.


I recommend getting each team member a copy, and then doing a book club approach where every month the whole team discusses the what they’ve read and how it applies to the practice.  There are Kindle and Audible versions for those members who don’t read or only read in digital format.  It will get everyone on the same page, and the effect will be profound and permanent.

The best place to buy the books in hardcover is at my blog site store. Click here for the store.  If you want to buy them in Kindle or Audible versions, then Amazon is the key. For hardcovers Amazon is slower and more expensive, but digitally it’s the only game in town!