Episode #8 ~ The Thriving Dentist Show with Dr. Gary Takacs

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This is the thriving dentist show with Gary Takacs, where we help you develop your ideal dental practice, one that provides personal, professional and financial satisfaction.

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Welcome to another episode of The Thriving Dentists show. I’m Gary Takacs, your podcast host, I have an awesome episode for you today. You know, we mix up the format a little bit in the thriving dentists show. And this format, I have an interview from someone that you likely already know. And if you don’t already know my guest, you’re in for a real treat. My guest today is Fred Joyal. Hey Fred, how are you?

Fred Joyal  00:53

Fantastic, Gary, great to see you.

Gary Takacs  00:55

And let’s just let the cat out of the bag, Fred. The interview that we’re doing today is to talk about your new book. And the book is titled Superbold. And I was privileged to receive a pre publishing copy. And I’ve had the privilege of reading it. And, Fred, I gotta tell you, you knock this one out of the park. This book is absolutely amazing. And it is such a powerful, the content is so powerful, not only for our profession and for health, you know, for dental professionals, whether they be dentists or team members. But this is a book that extends far beyond our profession. It’s really a book that that everybody needs to read.

Fred Joyal  01:47

Yeah, and the title is Superbold. I always make sure I pronounced that the hard d at the end because they go you wrote a book about the Super Bowl like No, no, it’s no about how to go from whatever level of confidence and boldness you’re at to whatever level you want to get at.

Gary Takacs  02:05

I love your subtitle, which is, from under confident to charismatic in 90 days. And if you can’t leave, well, you deliver on that because not only the is the book full of content related to the character of boldness, but it actually is as much a workbook as as a you know, content book. And the workbook makes everything actionable. And I love that because Fred, you’ve you’ve heard me say that information is great. But information without application is merely entertainment. I mean, I’d like to think that that what you and I do when we’re speaking or we’re running workshops, or whatever, I’d like to think it’s entertaining. And I’m sure you as well. Yeah, but perhaps more importantly, I think both you and I feel much better when we know what we’ve shared is actually being applied.

Fred Joyal  03:09

Yeah, I’m much happier when somebody comes up to me and says, I read Becoming Remarkable. My whole team reads it. We changed everything that we’re doing. What up 30% This year, like, Yes, that’s what the books about put into action.

Gary Takacs  03:24

But by the way, I enjoyed the book, but I’m also up 30%. Yes, Fred, let’s back up a little bit before we take a deep dive into the book. You know, we have new listeners all the time on The Thriving Dentist Show. We’re now up to listeners on 188 countries. And may I take a stab at credentialing you and then you correct me for accuracy? And maybe add to it for any of our new listeners that may not be familiar with you. That’d be all right. Sure. Yeah. And for the record, Fred and I have known each other for Oh, my goodness. I was thinking about the other day, and I think we’re coming up on 35 years.

Fred Joyal  04:03

Yes. Yeah, it doesn’t seem possible because we’re both in our 40s You know, so.

Gary Takacs  04:12

I think we’ve known each other personally and professionally for 35 years and I count you as not only an amazing colleague but one of my dearest friends on the planet. And from a professional standpoint. I like to credential you whenever I introduce you to people that I know. I like to say that you know more about how the dental consumer thinks than anybody I know on the planet. And that comes from your experience in CO founding one 800 dentist and running an organization that would I’m not sure how many millions of connections you made for people looking for a dentist but I know that number is in the millions.

Fred Joyal  04:59

Yes But it’s exceeds 10 million at this point.

Gary Takacs  05:03

And you’re the best selling author of of two books. Everything is Marketing, which is exactly what the title says. A brilliant book on on Everything is Marketing. And you wrote a sequel to that that kind of brought things up to date in the digital age. And it was titled Becoming Remarkable. And so this is your third book, Superbold. How did I do at credentialing? Would you add to that?

Fred Joyal  05:33

and that was it. You know, the those books were for the dental industry. And they were everything that I knew about marketing and advertising to the, you know, based on, you know, millions of consumers contacting us and spending half a billion dollars in advertising, to attract consumers and serving patients and all of that. This book is everything I wish I knew when I was 20 years old, that I had to figure out the hard way. So it’s aiming at a bigger audience, but it’s certainly applicable to anybody. We’re as a dentist working in a dental practice. That is trying to increase their confidence and their boldness from whatever level they’re at. I’ve talked to several people who’ve read the book now that kind of surprised me, because they, they’re kind of bold people in my mind, and they want, yeah, pretty bold. But several things in the book showed me I could much bolder, I want to be super bold. And so it’s interesting, because I thought this is this is maybe for a younger audience, that of people trying to find their way like I was in my 20s. But everybody, at every level seems to be getting real value out of it, and going and taking themselves from good to great. Those are the easiest people to coach aren’t they, right? Absolutely. Somebody who’s already good, knows they can get better and wants to figure out how

Gary Takacs  07:05

well and based based on our personal relationship for all these years, I know something about you that maybe you know, other folks don’t although if they read the book they will learn and that is that you yourself weren’t always bold. See, I know you and I think of you as as a brilliant example of someone who walks the walk on boldness. But that wasn’t always the case.

Fred Joyal  07:32

Not at all. No, I was I grew up in the category of painfully shy.

Gary Takacs  07:37

And for people that know people that know you today, I think they’ll have a hard time. Kind of coming to grips with that, because that is not the Fred that I’ve known for 35 years.

Fred Joyal  07:49

No, it’s i It made me unhappy. It made me angry sometimes. And all the times that I hesitated right. And I missed great opportunities, possible great relationships, great adventures, and just great moments, just because I was too shy, too hesitant to under confident. What most of us do when we hit an under confident moment, is the brain goes into the worst case scenario, right? This is the worst thing that could happen. People will laugh, I’ll be embarrassed, you know, I’ll fail or we the brains great at coming up with how bad things can go. Bold people have figured out that 99% of the time, that doesn’t happen. And if it does happen, it’s not a big deal. Right? They laugh it off rather than going whereas other people would shrink and go like, you know, crawl back into their shell, the bold person goes, Wow, I bet that could have been humiliating, if it wasn’t so funny, you know?

Gary Takacs  08:55

Well, and now share because it’s in the book. So you know, I can’t wait for our our listeners to read it. But I’ll share with you that this extends personally as well. And you share a very personal story from your life. Uh, you know, kind of amplifying the concept of being super shy, and how boldness would have been the right approach, but you just didn’t have it at that point. And that was when you had the opportunity to to eulogize your father. Yeah. And and if you might, would you mind sharing that and, you know, at a very personal level kind of sharing, you know, that experience in your life and maybe how that among others, really, you know, pivoted you to make some changes.

Fred Joyal  09:42

It’s a perfect example of something that you get one shot at, and it’s true of a lot of things in terms of opportunities, where if you’re not bold, if you don’t step up, that fleeting moment is gone forever. And I was I was just too young and no confidence to, to get in front of a room and say anything. And, and so I didn’t prepare anything and there was just the funeral, the wake and everything. And that was it. And now, I look back on, you know, now I look back I was in my 20s when my dad passed away, I look back and think, you know, I was just too young to even get to know him as an adult. Nevermind express my appreciation to him for all the sacrifices he made with me growing up. I mean, he was he was always there he was he was going to be home when I got home, I was going to be able to borrow his car, you know, he was going to lend me money as I was trying to figure out my way because I was a vagabond, and a wanderer and, and directionless guy for many years. And, but I did get to eulogize my mom, and it made all the difference to be able to honor her. And you get one shot at that. So

Gary Takacs  11:08

Well, Fred, thank you for for sharing that. And I think that resonates with our listeners, or will resonate, you know, in many ways, with our listeners. So hey, I’ve got some questions for you. Can I fire away? 

Fred Joyal  11:24


Gary Takacs  11:25

Well, it’s the title. But what do you mean by Superbold?

Fred Joyal  11:34

Superbold means you have gotten your confidence, your boldness to a level where you can act, no matter what the situation, nothing is going to hold you back. If you want to meet somebody, you’re going to meet them, if you’re going to try something, you’re going to try it if a moment presents itself, you are not going to think about it a long time and overthink it and talk yourself out of it. You are going to act, you’re going to have the ability to be energized and relaxed, at the same time, be able to say what you want to say, think of what you want to say. Have had that experience have that interaction. And and, you know, my goal is to make the world a bolder place. I think bold people are the ones that make all the difference in the world. And I want more bold people, we got big problems. I want people you know, stepping up and trying to solve the world’s problems and believing that they can’t, because a lot of it is when you believe you’re you can and this is the neuroscience behind it. And you know this, of course, because you’re always coaching people, but but when they have goals, and they believe it’s possible, the brain steps up and says, I guess we got to figure this out, and it gets creative, and it works in your subconscious. That’s why people think of stuff in the shower, right? It’s like, because it’s running in the background. But if you decide it’s impossible, the brain goes on vacation, right? Because the brain is is is an energy conservation device, right? It’s 2% of our body weight and burns 20% of our calories. So it’s looking for any way to not work. So if you go, that’s impossible, they go good. I don’t have to think about that anymore. So

Gary Takacs  13:28

I loved every part of the book. But I have to tell you, the way you have seamlessly integrated neuroscience in a cool way, is is just absolutely invaluable. And it explains so much doesn’t it? We’re learning. You know, there’s been many advances in the last 10 years about what we know about about the brain, and neuroscience. I incorporated into how I work with doctors to increase their case acceptance and increase treatment acceptance. You know, obviously, if you think about it, and, you know, you think about how the brain responds. You know, if we go back to the caveman days, we were either in, you know, fight or flight, or rest and digest. And that was about about it. We know today, think about the crazy world that we live in, you know, in the merry go round spin spins pretty fast. Pretty much everybody most of the time is in fight or flight. You know, they’re not subconsciously, they’re not thinking about it. But if you can subtly switch the brain over to rest and digest. There’s an opportunity for so much comprehension and understanding to happen. And especially in dentistry, Fred, you know, the mind of the consumer, and I think it’s fair to say that virtually every patient in a dental office subconsciously in fight or flight? Would you agree?

Fred Joyal  15:03

Yeah. And as we know, from the science, when somebody’s in an apprehensive or an anxious state, there’s a whole different set of chemicals running through their body. And the body is it’s in a mode that’s trying to protect itself. So it’s not creative. It’s not positive. It’s not it’s not Oh, no, it’s no, it’s using its limiting cognitive skills, because it’s like, I don’t need to think about stuff, I need to be able to react and protect myself, it’s, we get the same chemicals, and the same reaction in our body, if it’s a saber toothed Tiger gonna bite our head off, or we’re worried that something’s going to be more than we can afford, right? It’s fascinating, because but that’s who we are, we are in this body with this, you know, set of neurons. And so there’s a real power, when, when you’re confident, as a dentist, and presenting, that that makes a huge difference to, to somebody who’s listening to you. You know, I, the dentist I know who are so successful is they are that way, that they absolutely believe that that their skills are top notch, and what they’re recommending to this patient is the best thing possible.

Gary Takacs  16:31

Absolutely. Well, I love the way you have so brilliantly incorporated neuroscience into the entire book. And it’s not a text. It’s not a textbook is just fascinating. 

Fred Joyal  16:45

No, no, it’s not a science book.

Gary Takacs  16:47

Don’t worry, that won’t be on the midterm. But it’s really brilliant, because it has so much application. I think I know the answer to this, but I’d like to ask it anyway. Who’s the book for?

Fred Joyal  17:02

It’s really for anyone who wants to be more confident than they are now. Somebody, anybody who feels like they’ve missed opportunities, that they’ve missed sales, they’ve missed relationships, they missed adventure. And that, and they feel in the grip of something holding them back. And sometimes it’s the stories they’re telling themselves or the or the voice, I call a doctor no the voice that’s telling you everything that’s going to go bad and why you should do this. And, and because bold people have Doctor Yes, talking to them yet, like, Yeah, let’s go, you know, let’s try it. Let’s see what happens. And that’s and I say, charismatic, you know, you can go from under candidate confident to charismatic, because that’s how people perceive you. It’s not me going, Oh, I’m charismatic. It’s like, people will see you that you’re so comfortable. In your confidence in your boldness, that they they see it as charisma, you you are magnetic to people. We’re all drawn to those people sometimes if they’re so bold, they would they freak us out. But they don’t care. Right? That’s like you’re telling this story. It’s like, oh, they’re a show off, you know, their, their intention whores and stuff like that. It’s like that. No, they’re just, they’re just getting the most out of life. And why wouldn’t you want to live a life that you’re proud of? That you didn’t miss many opportunities. Instead of you know, I think people you know, I don’t think people give up on their dreams because they fail. I think they gave up most of the time because they stopped trying, they had a couple of failures that had a couple of disappointments, they got embarrassed, they got, you know, humiliated even, but a bold person realizes that there’s no such thing is dying of embarrassment. It is not a medical diagnosis, it is a thing you tell yourself happened. Embarrassment is a choice, right? You can spill wine on your shirt at dinner, right? And everybody around will look at you and you could be humiliated or embarrassed. Or you could say, This is why my dry cleaner loves me. Right? And everybody laughs. And so it’s again, you just you just made a choice, and you just made the bold choice. But obviously you want to make bolder choices when it matters, because that’s a lot of people who are confident until it matters. I have a good friend who’s confident all the time unless he’s trying to sell his paintings which are superb. They breath-taking, but he’s afraid to ask for good money. He’s afraid to figure out how to promote himself. He’s so he’s missing the confidence when he needs it most. And so, you know, and it could be like, let’s say, you’re, you’re seeing somebody that you always wanted to meet, maybe it’s an athlete, maybe it’s an actress, some somebody like that. And you hesitate to walk over and introduce yourself and express your appreciation for this as as a sidebar. A quick story I just listened to Steve Van Zandt autobiography, and he tells this story. Now, this is guy that’s been in rock’n’roll forever. He gets to meet Van Morrison after 40 years. And he’s in the greenroom meeting him and Van Morrison has asked to meet him. And so he’s there chatting a little bit. And he’s and he notices as a vacuum cleaner in the greenroom. And, and he says to Van, he says, he says, I don’t know any other way to express how much appreciation I have for you, and, and your music and how much it’s given me all my life. So I’m just gonna clean up a little bit, and he grabs the vacuum cleaner and starts vacuuming the room. And Van Morrison just falls apart laughing It says his manager says I haven’t seen him laugh that hard in years, right? And it’s just like, beaming. That’s such boldness. It’s like, I’m gonna do something really naughty and see what happens. Yeah, seize that moment. So

Gary Takacs  21:34

you’ve used the word opportunity. You know, in our in our interview many times here, and of course, it’s woven throughout the book. But it kind of reminds me of a recent quote that I heard. And this is a quote that has really given me some some pause and give me something to think about. And let me just, I’ll get it close. Let me go ahead and gonna go ahead and give it a try. Yeah. One of the most frustrating things in the world would be to meet the person who you could have become.

Fred Joyal  22:09


Gary Takacs  22:11

Now yeah, I’m getting a close I may not have it exactly right. But certainly the message of that quote, I was able to capture there, but this is a lot of of really what this book can help you achieve your full potential. Now, I meant to start with this question. I got so excited about talking about the book, but I jumped ahead but let me back up. What sparked the book? You’ve written two and so you know, the the act of writing is something that you do very, very well. But what what sparked this book?

Fred Joyal  22:49

I went back to a thing that Imtiaz Montes, boys Rizwan and Killeen did many years ago, young and motivated, which was a weekend course, for young people, teens, primarily, to teach them how to manage their time, money, and relationships and set goals for themselves, all the stuff they don’t teach in school, and it was this fabulous weekend course. And we were me, and several of my friends were brought in as mentors. And we would each do a little presentation to the to the young people. And so one of the things I threw out was that Boldness is a superpower. And I would, and it really resonated with them, I could see the difference have made and I would talk to you know, we would all hear from these kids as their lives progressed. Because you would watch them over the weekend, get the aha moment. And where they went, Oh, I this this is you know, I actually have to save money if I want to have money or something like that. And like, you know, which is the this is tremendous gifts, and I just want I want like, you need to understand that. you don’t ever want to be the one that stops you. Okay, let somebody else stop you. This is what bold people know is that 99% of the time, nobody stops you. And 99.999% of the time, nothing bad really happens unless you decide to make it back then and so the book is full of all of these exercises. And they’re designed to take you gradually step by step so that you’re building this boldness muscle without overwhelming yourself but you’re getting stronger and stronger and stronger and bolder and bolder and bolder every day. So that in 90 days, you are that you are meeting that person you want to be and so the I start I kept hearing back from people and actually a couple of the teachers in the workshop, and I mentioned one of them in the book. One of the other, some of the other mentors, were telling their kids this, right, they would go back and say, you know, boldness is a superpower. Right now, you don’t have to hesitate already. And so I’ve have people doing exercises that show them that nothing bad happens. I say, if you see a sign that says employees only, go in. You know why? Because nobody’s gonna shoot you on the other side, nobody’s gonna  nine times out of 10 Nobody even says anything. I mean, it’s like, I’ve walked into the back of a grocery store deliberately, right? And nobody will say anything. Even though it’s a big sign that says employees only if they say something they can they’ll it’ll be like, Can I help you? Right? And you just go eat something, you say something? Like, I’m looking for the bananas. Right? And they look at you like, You’re crazy, right? And they go there in the produce section? Oh, yeah, yeah, I should have looked there first. But but it’s, it’s to make you go into this situation where you go, Oh, something, nothing’s gonna happen. Well, then, and it’s building the neural pathway, it’s changing. It’s, again, it’s neuroscience, it’s changing the neural pathway, because bold people have this superhighway of boldness in their neural pathways. And under confident people have have all sorts of neural pathways that talk about danger, risk, embarrassment, humiliation, failure.

Gary Takacs  26:43

you share a fact in the book that is literally worth reading just for this fact. And that’s that many people have been taught that the brain develops at, at an early age, and at a certain age, it stops developing. And that has, that’s old thinking. And that’s old knowledge. And in fact, you have and you share some research and you share some data about the fact that the brain can continue to develop throughout your entire life, would you talk a little bit about that?

Fred Joyal  27:21

I mean, they have, they have found that you can stimulate different parts of the brain, and you can create new neural pathways which will be which will have more neurons built into the brain that will actually keep building neurons. Andit will, the more interesting thing is when you start becoming, in this case, bolder, and create those new neural pathways, the under confident neural pathways, those those things, those reactions, that program because the brain is just all code, right? in one form or another, they atrophy, which is fascinating. They become the constricted roadway that the brain goes, I’m going the other way, you’re going to bolness this way. Because what happens is, the boldness builds the rewards. I mean, we’re we’re in a reward system, the brain is looking for rewards and reinforcement, the more you act boldly, and that’s the beauty of the exercises is your expectations are, I’m doing something with with nothing in return except expectation except to do it and have done it, right? I’m going to smile at 20 people today and if nobody smiles back, I don’t care. Because I smile at everybody, because what happens is 19 People smile back, and the 20 of doesn’t, and you just go that poor guy, we must be having a rough day. Right? And and all of a sudden new neurons going, look at all that reward that reward, you know, I feel good about making them feel good. You know, and that’s you know, we’re getting to one of the big principles in the book and what I call the Prime Directive, which is to make everyone you meet feel better about themselves. Imagine if we all did that. Imagine the change in the world if that was our intention with everyone we met.

Gary Takacs  29:29

I love the insight about how in the research that you backed it up with how the brain can continue to develop throughout your life. You and I are similar vintage, and I’d like to state for the record that it was a darn good vintage.

Fred Joyal  29:43

Yeah. Some good years there.

Gary Takacs  29:45

Yeah, we’re very, we’re similar vintage and yet our brains can can years in mind can continue to develop we can continue to mold it and we can continue to develop it in a really positive way, and that’s a breakthrough, you know, in the world of psychology, experts will tell you that you’re born with your IQ. The experts in psychology say that, you know, you come out of the womb with your IQ, and it doesn’t change. I don’t know that I fully believe that Fred. But that’s what the experts say, emotional intelligence, on the other hand, EQ can absolutely be developed. You know, and, you know, one of the things I’ve noticed in making my life’s work studying world class dentist, is I’ve yet to meet a world class dentist, that didn’t also have a very high level of emotional intelligence. And I’m gonna also make a statement in the context of your book, now that I think about it. I’ve yet to meet meet a world class dentist, who I wouldn’t also think of as being bold. They are both absolute, and they’re bold about their passion. They’re bold about helping patients, they’re bold in their behavior. Well, I want to pivot and make it real tactical here, because your book makes everything very, very practical. And you introduce a method you call the Pride method. And pride is actually an acronym. Would you share the pride method? With our listeners? And then, and then we’ll talk a little bit about how the book has these brilliant exercises that convert that convert everything from academic to to actionable?

Fred Joyal  31:24

Yeah. So the the product, there’s five steps to building your boldness in any situation to be able to turn to the steps and say, How do I act? Okay, it is preparation, the P, relaxing, insight, dosage, and everyday action. And I’ll break them down a little bit. Preparation, if you’re coming into a situation that you’re not used to, or that you’re that you want to be confident in. Prepare yourself, if you’re going in to ask for a raise, if you’re going to walk over across the room and talk to somebody if you’re going to introduce yourself to that, you know, athlete that you’re you’ve been dying to meet, prepare something, rehearse it, I mean, this is we have this constant message that you we shouldn’t have to prepare for social situations what guess what, that people who prepare it actually make it work. It’s like saying you don’t really the best marriages, you don’t have to work. No, the best marriages are people who work on it. They weren’t in communication, attention. All of that stuff they realized is work involved. Preparation, first step, prepare what you’re going to say prepare, how you’re going to react. You know, what are you going to look like? What do you what’s your physiology? What’sall of that? Second step? 

Gary Takacs  32:53

Can we pause for a second? I know you and I enjoy theater. And you also enjoy performing. You’vedone some very cool stand up. And, you know, if you and I are involved in community theater theater, the producer isn’t going to just have a show up on opening night. They have these things called dress rehearsals.

Fred Joyal  33:18

Some practice I mean, they go really badly.

Gary Takacs  33:21

But isn’t that what you’re talking about in preparation? 

Fred Joyal  33:25

Yeah. And the next step is relaxing, is that you, a lot of people say, well just relax, I was like, Okay, tell me how. I’m going to tell you how. There are some simple steps, techniques that you can use to relax yourself. Because when I walk on stage, and you’re the same way, when we walk on stage, people say, are you nervous, no, it’s like I can’t wait to get on stage. I’ve transformed all that anxiety into feeling energized. I’m excited to get in front of those people. Because I know how to, I’m relaxed. I’m not drowsy. I’m fully energized. But I’m completely in my core, I’m completely relaxed. And so there’s a couple of techniques as breathing exercises, very simple ones that I teach in the book and a couple other things. The next step is insight. And I’ve talked about those insights, but it’s having an insight about the situation and about things in general, the Big Insights, nothing bad’s probably going to happen. And I won’t actually be harmed, right, and that the upside is probably waiting and failure is just another step up. That’s what bold people see. Failures is a stairway up, right? Whereas the under confident people go like failures is a barrier. It’s like a is a is a field of landmines. All right. The next step D is for dosage, control the dosage of the experience is the intensity of that experience, if you’re incredibly shy, you don’t say I’m gonna go to a party and I’m going to meet everybody. Go to a party and say, I’m going to meet one person and have an in depth conversation. Don’t overwhelm yourself, you’re going to move out of your comfort zone into your discomfort zone, but you’re not going to go 10 miles into your discomfort zone, you’re going to, you’re just going to keep expanding it by moving in just far enough, where you get stronger, then you come back and refresh yourself and your comfort zone. So controlling the dosage of these experiences as you build your muscle, it’s just like with doing anything, you wouldn’t do it with exercise, you wouldn’t lie down and say I want to be able to benchpress 300 pounds. So I’m going to start with 300 pounds, right? Because you are going to be crushed to death. Right?

Gary Takacs  35:51

And as an endurance athlete, someone who does marathons, half marathons and triathlons This relates very specifically, you don’t run a marathon without some preparation without some dosage.

Fred Joyal  36:06

Yeah. And then the final step, which is critical is every day action. We build more for ourselves by what we do every day, than with anything else. It’s not how much you do anywhere near as much as how often you get to it. This is because it’s about again, it’s about neuroscience, and to translate the neuroscience into something simple is that the brain says, Oh, I guess this is who we are. If we do something every day, if we’re consistent about it, if we’re if we do it on the weekends, or we do it when we feel like it, we’re a dabbler and the brain says this is something we’ve dabble in, right? And so it doesn’t, the brain doesn’t build the neural pathways. But when you get to it every day, even if you get to it the five minutes, I mean, I, I’ve written all my books by getting to them every day. Even if it’s for five minutes, even if it’s once my minimum is my requirement is one sentence. I forgot to write at least one sentence every day till the books done. And I and I’ll go a year and I may miss four days the whole time. But what happens is I do more, right. But in the end, I got 400 pages, I got too many pages. Now I got to spend every day editing. But that’s the power of the Pride method is all of these steps. 

Gary Takacs  37:37

That pride method, since I’ve read it in your book, it’s it’s become your daily activity for me. And it’s so powerful. Right, I want to bring it back to dentistry. I had the privilege recently of spending some time with Frank Spear are our audience will absolutely recognize Dr. Frank Spear. And I turned to Frank and I said, Frank, can you share one tip that dentists at with can you share with one? One tip with me that I can share with dentists, that would accelerate a dentist at any stage in their career, early career, mid career and late career. And without a moment’s hesitation? He said, Gary, can I give you two? I said, since you’re Frank, you can give me two? You bet. They said number one I would. It’s kind of tactical, but I would teach him to use digital photos for patient education. And that’s because we all know that a picture’s worth 1000 words. He said number two, I would teach them how to present and how to communicate confidently. With that in mind, Fred, can you share some application of your book to our dental professionals and our listeners?

Fred Joyal  38:51

Yeah, if you are bold enough to ask for more valuable, and let’s call them expensive cases, more comprehensive treatment plans. I do this exercise with dentists when I lecture and I say okay, we’re trying to find out who’s handling the biggest case in the room. So everybody stand up. And then I go who’s had a case bigger than 50,000? And or if not sit down 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. I’ll eventually get down to two people with cases over 100,000. I said these guys have had one case that is more than whatever the average that this makes in two months, because they’re confident enough to ask for it. And I said and then I say, now does that person complain about the $100,000 cost? And they go no, not at all. And I say and yet the rest of you have people complaining about the $135 charges. Right? So when you are confident about your dentist and bold enough to ask for the treatment you deserve, you’re going to make a lot more money. And you’re going to create people who are out there with $80,000 of treatment done. Who better to promote your practice, they have to justify spending $80,000 They got the best dentist in the world there. They justify it.

Gary Takacs  40:18

They’d become your superfans.

Fred Joyal  40:21

Yep, yeah. So you can find out more about the book and mean everything on Fred joyal.com. And of course, you could just click and buy the book the books available on Amazon and Kindle and, and audiobook and it’s me reading it. 

Gary Takacs  40:39

I love you narrating your own books. I like it when the author narrates her own audiobook, because you put the emphasis on the on the right point. Yeah, and I would recommend that our listeners buy all three forms by the physical book. So you can make notes, send it by the ebook, so you can read it on your reader. And then listen to the audiobook as well. But I know you’ve got another site that might be useful for our, our listeners that might kind of help accelerate the learning because of some of the other features that come with. 

Fred Joyal  41:15

Yeah, so Fredjoyal.com is where they can get the the exercises, they can download a PDF of the exercises, if you want to go straight into Amazon, you go into G and I dot U S slash super bold, and you capitalize the s in super bold, and that goes straight into Amazon where the book is, you can go to Fredjoyal.com, if you need any, any of the other resources

Gary Takacs  41:44

for and I’m gonna put it for the for our listeners benefit, I’ll put a link in the in the show notes. So you can just go to thriving dentists.com. And you’ll just scroll down, we’ll put a link, just one click, it’ll take you right to those sites, we’ll put both the Fredjoyal.com and gni.us forward slash SuperBold. Remember to capitalize the s, we’ll put that in the show notes. So you don’t have to remember it right now. Fred, I just as we’re coming to the finish line here, I just want to say that you know what I love about our profession. And I know you and I are simply brothers from a different mother on this one. And that’s that we have the ability to change people’s lives every day. And I’m going to tie us to this book, reading this book will change your life. We’ll be doing it with my clients as book club. I’ll be purchasing it for all my team members. And we’ll be doing it as book club in my own office. And I will become a zealot advocate of helping everybody I meet, I’m going to practice some of those boldness skills, I’m going to tell everyone I meet that they need to read this book. And it be because it will change their life. Fred, thank you. Thank you for 35 plus years of friendship. Thank you for all the professional knowledge and inspiration I’ve gained from you. My practice wouldn’t be what it is today, if it wasn’t for your influence. And that goes back we’ve owned Paul, Paul and I now Paul and Tim have owned that practice for many years. And it simply wouldn’t be what it is if we if we didn’t have your influence on our practice. I can’t wait to share this book with Paul and Tim and my entire team. I know our listeners take action. So I hope you’ve enjoyed our interview. But more importantly, I hope you apply it because it will make a massive difference in your life. You can thank me later. You can thank Fred later for that. Fred. On that note, let me simply say thank you. I also want to take a minute and thank our listeners. We appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for the privilege of your time, and I look forward to connecting with you on the next thriving dentists show.

Introduction  43:49

When you cry me shoe, dryer I bet a day show. When you smile, be sure to smile why? And don’t let them know that they have one. When you walk outside, don’t show the hurt inside because the pain will soon be gone. When you drain dream as big as when you dream in mind come true. When you dream dream